UV System

The UV lamps emits short wave radiation into the water. The UV-exposure will prevent  the ability of  the remainder of plankton as well as any bacteria/viruses to cause  damage  to the environment.

The UV System consists of one or more UV chambers installed in parallel. The UV chambers are fabricated from a single CuNi Fer 90/10 DN150 pipe with a wall thickness of 3mm. Each chamber can treat up to 167 m³/h ballast water using a high-power UV lamp. The maximum effect for each UV-lamp is 35kW.

• High power UV for the efficient inactivation of organisms, bacteria and pathogens in ballast water
• One UV lamp per chamber
• Optimized for minimum maintenance and ease of operation.
• No moving parts and self-cleaning.
• No chemical cleaning needed.
• UV and temperature sensor in each chamber.
• Standardized UV chamber, installed in parallel on a single manifold for higher flows.

Flow and holding time

  • Maximum flow per chamber: 167m³/h in all modes
  • Holding time IMO mode: No holding time
  • Holding time USCG mode: 2 hours