Flow Pressure Valve

Optimarin has the pleasure of introducing a new type of control valve: Electric Flow Pressure Valve. The electric FPV will provide OBS with the latest in control valve innovation, technology and valve acoustics.

Electric FPV

  • Small (DN350: 193mm)
  • Light (DN350: 130kg)
  • Building material
    • Butterfly valve with rubber seat, bronze-alu disc
    • Flow control element in stainless steel
  • Electrically actuated
    • Control speed fixed in actuator
    • Fluctuating pressure has no impact on control
  • Prepared for OptiFlow

The solution & assembly

By attaching a multi tooth element to the butterfly valve body, all negative effects are eliminated and we are left with an exceptional control valve. The teeth profiles provide an equal percentage flow characteristic, which results in a high precision regulator which makes regulation in the entire control range of the valve a simple matter.

What are the benefits?

Key features:

  • Conventional butterfly valves have high dynamic torque due to the airplane wing effect of the flat vane surfaces. This can be a cause for instability and the need for larger, more expensive actuators.
  • Offers an equal percentage flow characteristic
  • Low cavitation and noise