The explosion proof Optimarin Ballast Water Treatment System, Optimarin BWTS Ex

The Optimarin Ballast Water Treatment Systems can be delivered for installation in areas with potentially explosive atmosphere, Ex zone 1 . The Optimarin BWTS Ex is built with individually certified quality components resulting in Ex marking :II 2G Ex d e  ia ib mb px IIB/IIC T4, depending options selected. Control- and power panels are installed in safe area; while UV chambers, valves, filter, pump and instrumentation are approved for installation in hazardous area.

The UV-chamber Ex protection is a certified Exp solution. The internal parts of the UV-chambers, excluding the flow path of ballast water, is purged and pressurized with nitrogen. The nitrogen overpressure prevents hazardous atmosphere contact with the UV-lamp and allow effective UV treatment of the ballast water.


II 2G Ex d e  ia ib mb px IIB/IIC T4:

  • ATEX
  • IECEx
  • Zone 1
  • Temperature class T4
  • Gas group IIB (standard)
  • Gas group IIC (option)

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Presafe 16ATEX8281X_3


The system works by pressurizing the inside of the UV-system with nitrogen.

This prevents any flammable gas being exposed to high temperatures.