Ballast Water Treatment


How does it work?

During ballasting the ballast water flows through Optimarin’s proprietary filter. The filter removes larger organism and particles and back flushes them overboard at the ballasting location. After passing the filter, the ballast water continues through the UV chamber on its way to the ballast tanks. The UV  exposure prevent the ability of viruses and bacteria in the ballast water to cause harmfull effects to the environment.


Most installations are modular where components are placed where space is available, but we also have skid solutions and deck housing units!

Control Panel

The Optimarin Control Panel has undergone a major upgrade with new high-end performance CPU and touch screen. With the latest control system technology implemented, we now bring our BWTS into the new technological era.


The filter removes particles from the seawater. It has a self-cleaning function by reversing the flow direction and flushing the dirty water back into the sea.

The filtration process is only needed during ballasting.

UV Treatment

Manifold with chambers

The UV light takes care of the remaining organisms. Each chamber has the capacity to treat 167M³H of water.

Chambers can be installed in parallel on a manifold for a virtually unlimited treatment capacity.


Flow pressure valve

We always utilize a high-precision control valve to have full control of both flow and pressure in the system.

Control along the way


The flowmeter is designed for measuring, indication and storing flow passed through volume data of conductive liquids. The flow in the system is also shown on the touch screen in the control panel.


The pressure is also shown on the touch screen in the control panel.


There are two temperature sensors per chamber to ensure safety. The temperature is also shown on the touch screen in the control panel.

UV Intensity

Each chamber has a UV sensor making sure there are enough rays to ensure proper treatment. The UV Intensity is also shown in the control panel.