Spare parts

The Optimarin Ballast Water Treatment System has predefined maintenance intervals. In collaboration with our vendors we have developed a recommended Service Parts Program that will ensure an operational system with minimal service requirements and downtime.

The maintenance can be performed by the crew onboard the vessel, or in co-operation with Optimarin service technicians around the globe. Detailed instructions are found in the Operations, Maintenance and Safety Manual which is delivered together with the Optimarin BWTS.

Optimarin has created service part packages for every 2.5 year as part of the preventive maintenance of the system. It is important that our customers follow the recommended maintenance intervals in order to keep the system in compliance with the rules and regulations; and in order to ensure a system that is performing well on any given day.

The most critical and most frequently used spare parts are always on stock at our warehouses, while the other components will normally be made available within 14 days from our vendors to our warehouses. Our Logistics team will dispatch the spare parts on time to a destination of your choice!

Optimarin have established several warehouses to cover the aftermarket, and more are to come. This is done to decrease the lead time from the need occurs until the part can be delivered.