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Customer Service Approach

The Ballast Water Treatment System business is moving into a new era, after the final phase of the IMO regulations entered into effect September 8th 2019. It is not only a requirement to have a BWTS installed on a ship, but the system must be used as well. For Optimarin this means that our Service organization is ready and prepared to support our customers all the way 24/7 around the globe.

To date, few ships have been operating their BWTS’s on a regular basis over time. As a result, a system might not be functioning properly or as intended for several reason with non-compliance as a result. To mitigate such a situation and to ensure that the ships are running the BWTS with maximum uptime and minimum disruption, Optimarin does not only have dedicated service team in Norway at your disposal, but a world-wide network of service partners ready to support, and training centers in Norway, Manilla and Mumbai with full scale Optimarin BWTS installed for the benefit of crew members on training.

Optimarin offers a comprehensive warranty program, and service agreements which will ensure that the Optimarin BWTS are maintained and are running smoothly.