Hassle-free ballast operations

OptiLink is a cloud-based solution to bring the Optimarin BWTS data into ship managers’ computers. A tool for aiding compliant ballast operations worldwide, optimizing ballast operations to reduce port time, save fuel and time at sea.

OptiLink App – total control

Full overview of the entire fleet for shore-based personnel, with KPIs to compare vessel performance

The vessel overview is available for both shore personnel and crew users onboard

  • KPIs for current vessel
  • Key numbers
  • Operation log
  • Map of operations and port conditions

The software enables the shipowner and/or crew to have online access to operational data from the system for a single vessel, and fleet performance data for several vessels.
Optimarin can provide interactive remote support to vessels reducing the need for physical service jobs, both time saving and cost effective.

Predictability: make ballast operations more transparent. Reduce fuel consumption and downtime as a resulting from better planning of operations.
Compliance à data can be transferred to Class for digital compliance (DNV consider calling it “DNV statement of Facts”). Class can notify Port State Control before vessel arrival confirming its compliance.

The power of the map - compliance

Use the map to easily track the vessel’s operation and detect water quality challenges. For a ‘fleet user’ ballast water operations for all vessels in the fleet can be compared, and information used to improve and standardized how the operations are performed. The green dots in the map indicates operations in where the ballast water was treated according to the Type Approval, and the red dots indicated non-compliance.

Emden – a challenging port

Here is a classic example of a port with challenging water quality. The water was treated with 2% treatment, and it has to 100% to be in compliance. After an operation like this, the crew have to perform contingency measures to be in compliance for the next port.
The vessel can keep the water intake in a challenging port at a minimum if the on board stability computer allows it. This requires good planning.

Emden – exchange in the North sea

The vessel performed a – by the book – 3x ballast water exchange as a contingency measures on the voyage towards the next port. They arrive with total control – with the OptiLink App as guidance.
All operations leading to the 100% compliant discharge in Norway can be exchanged with third parties at owner’s request.

24/7 direct support from Optimarin

With help from the VPN router inside the OptiLink panel we can be – virtually – onboard your vessel within seconds; aiding the crew, performing software update and adding new functionality and improvements.

  • 24/7 support
  • Online troubleshooting
  • Online “onboard” training
  • Software update
  • 100% peace of mind

OptiLink Panel – the physical link

  • The box contains two major parts: IoT gateway and VPN router
  • Both are «off the shelf» components, using a field-proven encrypted connection
  • IoT gateway: ensures safe communication and buffers data when the vessel is offline
  • VPN router: establishes the internet connection either via designated 4G antenna or the vessel’s existing firewall and internet connection
  • Data connection to MindSphere, the industrial loT as a service solution from Siemens, using secure MQTT communication

Using OptiLink with 4G internet connection

Optimarin BWTS

OptiLink Panel

4G antenna


Using OptiLink with the ship internet connection

Optimarin BWTS

OptiLink Panel

Existing ship internet connection