“Remain a frontrunner through innovation”

Optimarin’s vision is to remain a leading provider of BWTS and leverage our technology and know-how to develop applications for a cleaner marine environment.

Optimarin has through its 25-year history been a leader in the development of the BWTS industry. Being an early industry pioneer has not stopped the company from continuously improving its product, work processes and service offering to our customers. Achieving the USCG approval in 2016, as the first company in world, is a sign of our industry status.

Going forward, we will focus our product development work along two dimensions based on customer feedback and market requirements:

  • Improving the existing system with respect to footprint, functionality and operational features
  • Using the company expertise to develop new applications based on our technology knowledge and experience with the goal of expanding into new markets.

Research & Development will be based on our overall goal and the aim is to promote a cleaner environment through innovation, meeting our customer’s demand with cost efficient solutions and contributing to the development of our industry.


Optimarin – “Protecting Marine Life”



Optimarin is offering comprehensive training programs around the world for our customer’s and other partners at three training centers and via an e-learning platform.

Training Centers

Sandnes, Norway; At our head office, we have a fully operational test facility for the Optimarin Ballast Water Treatment System which may be used to educate customer’s technical personnel, or for internal R&D purposes. The system uses three separate tanks with a total of 45m³ fresh water which circulate between the tanks and the Optimarin BWTS to simulate ballast tanks onboard a ship. The system is capable to treat up to 500 m³/h using different filter types, and the system may also perform complete backflush cycles to simulate different operational scenarios.

Manilla, The Philippines; Training center with a complete Optimarin BWTS operated together with Anglo-Eastern Marine at their training center.

Mumbai, India; Training center with a complete Optimarin BWTS operated together with Anglo-Eastern Marine at their training center.

OptiLearn portal; We also offer a complete e-learning course hosted on our cloud based OptiLearn portal. The e-learning course only require a computer or tablet with internet connection and audio capabilities.

Training Programs

E-learning platform; The course consists of several sections including history, legislation, system components, ballasting principles, actual operation procedures for ballasting, deballasting, stripping of ballast tanks, bypassing the system. In addition, there are sections on maintenance and troubleshooting. The course can be taken separately or in conjunction with the other programs outlined above. The course concludes with an online exam and if passed a certificate will be issued to the user.

Crew training; Certified Optimarin engineers provide onsite training of ship crews in connection with commissioning of the Optimarin BWTS, or separately organized as requested by customers. Optimarin’s experience is that the program is very effective when used in combination with the e-learning course.

Certification of service engineers; Optimarin provides comprehensive training of engineers from Optimarin and our service partners world wide to ensure that commissioning and service is performed in accordance with rules, regulations and system requirements. Engineers completing this course will be an “Optimarin certified” engineer.

Customised customer training; We can provide customised training courses to customers ranging from e-learning to fully comprehensive programs (see above). The purpose of such training is to ensure that ship owners/managers with e.g. fleet agreements have a good understanding and overview of both the system, its operating, maintenance and training requirements thereby ensuring a good user experience for the operators of the system.