February 14, 2019BLOG, Technology

    You’ve got our sympathy. It’s not an easy situation for you… You have to comply with IMO, USCG and other relevant regional restrictions on ballast water. You have vessels with limited space and crews that already have enough to do in their daily duties. Margins are thin, costs must be controlled and procurement … Read More


November 9, 2018BLOG, Technology

There’s no endorsement like a repeat purchase. In a sector with a growing array of technology looking to catch customers’ eyes it’s especially pleasing to see shipowners coming back to reorder our OBS units, time and time again. As demonstrated by our latest contract from HöeghAutoliners. HöeghAutoliners, a leading RoRo owner and operator, began buying … Read More

BWT scare stories

September 28, 2018BLOG, Technology

Are you having a nightmare with your existing BWT system? It may not be much of a consolation, but you’re not suffering alone…  Cast your mind back to last year and you may recall a report from class society ABS that, for many with a stake in the BWT segment, made for depressing reading. Inoperable … Read More


August 31, 2018BLOG, Technology

IF BWT UNITS DON’T  √ THESE SIX BOXES, DONT BUY THEM!! Don’t get the cheapest system for your fleet, get the right one. In the competitive world of shipping, with often wafer thin margins and uncertain demand, cost control is key to success. But sometimes the cheapest buys end up costing your business the most. Cheap … Read More

THE FIVE C’s – becoming the preferred choice

June 22, 2018BLOG, Technology

In the world of options, creating the best client experience is key to becoming the preferred choice. If in doubt, just ask Japan’s world-leading shipping company, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines. When launching its new “Stress-Free Services” last year,  the company set out to make its business dealings as easy and convenient as possible. MOL President and … Read More


June 20, 2018BLOG, Technology

Enter the cellar of our Stavanger headquarters and you’ll instantly be transported out to sea. Here, on-site, is a permanent operational BWT system, complete with three different UV chambers, three different power supplies and three huge water tanks.   Our on-site R&D facilities take system testing to another level. Able to test all types of … Read More


June 4, 2018BLOG, Technology

OPTIMARIN accelerates into 2018 with a surge of new business and a solid bottom line Shattering initial growth forecasts, reports leading maritime news channel ShipInsight The Norwegian headquartered firm has sold close to 600 of its USCG-approved Optimarin Ballast Systems (OBS), has shattered its initial growth forecasts for the year to date, with both orders … Read More