Optimarin is establishing a manufacturing base in China to boost the availability of our well-proven ballast water treatment system (BWTS) for the Asian shipbuilding market as we also target further retrofits of the existing fleet.

March 28, 20232022, News, Press release

We are now pursuing partnerships with several Chinese suppliers to focus on high-quality production of BWTS components at reasonable cost for delivery to regional yards. We are conducting due diligence when selecting new suppliers to verify that components meet our required high-quality standards and thereby ensure the proven reliability of our robust system is maintained, … Read More

Harnessing data can tackle the ballast water quality challenge

July 25, 20222022, News, Press release

Ballasting operations in different parts of the world can be challenging due to wide variations in water quality. And this could make it difficult to achieve compliance with the IMO’s so-called D2 standard for ballast water discharges – even with a ballast water treatment system installed. The D2 standard, which will be mandatory for all … Read More

Great partnerships crucial to product improvements and handling of worldwide logistical challenges 

June 3, 20222022, News, Press release

Optimarin’s ability to leverage a flexible delivery model for key components for our ballast water treatment system has been vital to overcome supply chain challenges to keep rolling out our in-demand product to clients amid rising orders. Disruption to the global supply chain has mainly been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to shortages of … Read More

Delivering on price and quality in competitive BWTS market

April 22, 20222022, News, Press release

Structured and proactive product development has enabled us to offer more competitive pricing for our market-leading ballast water treatment system – without compromising on quality. The market is heating up for such systems due to the rush to retrofit thousands of vessels triggered by the looming IMO deadline in 2024. This has also created a … Read More

Staying ahead of the pack in the race to retrofit

March 1, 20222022, News, Press release

Charter rates are booming in some ship segments. Shipowners are keeping their fleets running at all costs to rake in record revenue. Fast-track delivery is therefore vital in the race to meet the IMO deadline for ballast water treatment system (BWTS) retrofits. The IMO’s ballast water management convention is due to be implemented in September … Read More

Optimarin achieves record revenue in 2021 on rising BWTS sales

February 15, 2022News, Press release

Optimarin notched up record revenue last year on sales of its industry-leading ballast water treatment system (BWTS) as it overcame market challenges to accelerate deliveries in response to rising demand and tight installation schedules. The Norwegian supplier’s annual turnover exceeded Nkr300 million ($34 million) for the first time ever following a 20% increase in the … Read More