The type approved Optimarin Ballast System is based on filtration as pre-treatment and high doses of UV irradiation for inactivation of marine organisms, viruses and bacteria, without affecting the normal operation of the ship. Ballast water is UV treated both during ballasting and de-ballasting to ensure the dual UV effect. Ballast water is only filtered during ballasting.

The ballast treatment system is one of very few treatment options that does not use or generate chemicals or biocides in its treatment or cleaning processes. It is based on the idea that such systems should be environmentally sound, simple, flexible and easy to install, and capable of operating on both newbuilds and existing vessels.


  • Optimarin Ballast System
  • Components
  • Specifications
  • Skid Solutions

Fleet Solutions

  • Fleet planning
  • Financing options
  • Extended warranties
  • Service agreements

Fast Track

  • Short term urgent deliveries
  • IMO & USCG Approved
  • Tailor made
  • Installation and Operation manual

Installation and Service

    • Dockless installation
    • Worldwide service network
    • Simple and flexible system
    • Easy maintenance


  • Inactivation of marine organisms, virus, bacteria
  • No chemicals or biocides
  • All salinities; freshwater, brackish and seawater
  • Not affecting normal ship operation
  • No extra noise
  • Newbuildings and retrofit
  • Easy installation; modularized and flexible
  • Small footprint and weight
  • Complete skid or modularized