“It’s probably the best BWT system in the world.”

Optimarin EVP Tore Andersen doesn’t mince his words. The former CEO and current sales head of the global BWT pioneer is bullish about his firm’s simple, flexible and market proven system.

“The original is still the best,” he says. “Competition today is very different than when we started (Optimarin released the first ever commercial system back in 2000) but we’ve constantly refined our technology to stay ahead of the game. We’re very confident to say Optimarin can offer customers the most robust, well performing system in the world, with unmatched operational flexibility, reliability, service, maintenance and long-term proven performance.

“Just ask any of our customers,” he adds, noting that over 700 systems have now been installed, with more than 1200 ordered worldwide.

“The world’s leading owners choose us for a reason.”