You need to comply with regulations. We all do. But hopefully without diverting precious funds away from core operations. These days, more than ever, shipowners need to control costs. Here at Optimarin we understand… and we think we have the solution to your challenge. 

One word. Leasing. Simple as that.

Pole position

Optimarin prides itself on a being a first mover in the ballast water treatment niche – launching the first commercial system in 2000, becoming the first supplier to gain full USCG approval in 2016, and introducing the world’s first five-year parts and servicing guarantee for fleet agreements. Now we’ve done it again, with the world’s first BWT system leasing deal.

In a bid to ease liquidity pressure for our customers, we’ve teamed up with UK-based financing partners to devise a very special financing offer. This gives owners the chance to split payments into small, manageable monthly amounts and avoid one single, larger outlay.

No payments or deposits are required up front and all servicing and spare parts can be included in one simple, comprehensive package. Interest rates are in line with the most competitive bank financing, only – and this is crucial – without all the complex requirements and demands. 

Nice and easy

We know there is an army of owners and operators out there sailing the seas with excellent businesses who, through no fault of their own, may struggle to satisfy banking covenants right now. Banks are under pressure from their own stakeholders and, when you throw in the current Coronavirus situation, that makes for an increasingly risk averse financial sector. 

Money is hard to come by, full stop.

However, here at Optimarin we have the partners and belief to help owners get the market proven equipment they require to sail with complete peace of mind. We make compliance easy and now it’s our mission to do the same with financing.

Accessing opportunity

On that note, in addition to our innovative leasing solution, it’s always helpful to remind the market of Norwegian Export Credit funding. This is a financial instrument whereby loans are provided through the Norwegian state (at market beating rates) to help companies from outside Norway purchase home-grown products and services.

We can help you access these funds and ease the financial strain. Just drop us a line or call with any enquiries you may have – about both funding and leasing.

Don’t let CAPEX concerns get in the way of compliance. It pays to partner with Optimarin. And you can bank on that…