Six months after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, and three months after large parts of the world went into lock-down, more and more countries are seeking to restore a resemblance of normality by easing lock-down restrictions. The pandemic has receded to levels which has allowed us in Optimarin (and Norway in general) to revert to the office and conduct business close to normal.

Optimarin has stayed open for business, and the business has been remarkably robust since the lock-down commenced on March 12th. Committed employees, supportive suppliers and good remote office solutions have enabled the company to service Optimarin’s customers to the best of our ability considering the impact the pandemic has had and most likely continue to have on our business.

COVID-19 related travel restrictions is the challenge to handle, and we are working with customers and trading partners to mitigate as much as possible related to this issue. This approach is working well. We are nevertheless able to deliver systems with short lead times thanks to a flexible supply chain and a strong logistics setup.

Please get in touch with the team if you have any questions, concerns or plans regarding ballast water compliance, and future deliveries.

The pandemic is unfortunately continuing its journey around the world, with some countries harder hit than others, and new but so far smaller breakouts in the rest of the world.

We sincerely wish that you stay safe and healthy, and that you can successfully navigate these turbulent times.

With kind regards from the team here at Optimarin.