After evaluation of diffrent ballast treatment systems for our B-type vessels, the conclusion fell down to Optimarin.
Optimarin is a Norwegian supplier, with head office in Stavanger, Norway.

Optimarin has developed the Optimarin Ballast System (OBS), an environmentally friendly ballast water treatment system, based on the use of filtration and UV light for the efficient removal and inactivation of marine organisms.

The OBS is one of very few treatment options that does not use or generate chemicals or biocides in its treatment or cleaning processes. It is based on the idea that such systems should be environmentally sound, simple, flexible and easy to install, and capable of operating on both newbuilds and existing vessels.

Main reasons why Peak Group choose Optimarin, is following:
– Tailor made system
– Cost-efficient retrofit
– Standardized components -Easy maintenance
-Optimizing Power Consumption

Ballast Operation
During Ballasting: The ballast water flows through Optimarin’s proprietary 40μm filter. The filter removes larger organisms and particles and back flushes them overboard at the ballasting location. After passing the filter, the ballast water continues through the UV chambers on its way to the ballast tanks. The UV light kills or inactivates organisms, viruses and bacteria in the ballast water.
During De-ballasting: The filter is automatically bypassed during de-ballasting, and the ballast water receives a second UV-treatment during discharge as a safeguard to ensure compliance.

Peak Belfast have already the system in use, and installation was done during dry docking in Poland.
Next vessels that will get the system onboard, will be Peak Bergen and Peak Bilbao.

Optimarin cloud based e-learning portal OptiLearn hosts a complete e-learning course consisting of several sections including history, legislation, system components, ballasting principles, actual operation procedures for ballasting, deballasting, stripping of ballast tanks, bypassing the system. In addition, there are sections on maintenance and troubleshooting. The course concludes with an online exam and if passed a certificate will be issued to the user.

Crew training
Certified Optimarin engineers provide onsite training of ship crews in connection with commissioning of the Optimarin BWTS. Optimarin’s experience is that the program is very effective when used in combination with the e-learning course.