Ballast water treatment (BWT) specialist Optimarin has signed a fleet agreement with DOF for the installation of 16 Optimarin Ballast Systems (OBS), with an option to extend the contract to 50 vessels in total. The deal, Optimarin’s biggest single agreement in the offshore segment, will see the USCG approved OBS installed across a range of advanced PSV, Subsea and AHTS vessels.

DOF, a leading integrated offshore company with global operations, will take delivery of three systems this year, with the remainder following in 2021 and 2022. The flexibility of Optimarin’s modular system allows for easy retrofitting, giving DOF the opportunity to install some systems under scheduled sailings – with the crew undertaking all fitting, while Optimarin handles commissioning. Remaining units will be installed during planned dry dockings and IOPP certificate renewals.