As a global leader in BWT, Optimarin is committed to providing the best local service, sales support and standards to customers, and that means having the right partners ‘on the ground’. Sandfirden Technics is a prime example…

This year’s Europort exhibition in Rotterdam saw us sign up Sandfirden as our sole agent for the key Benelux region. 

Preferred partners: Tore Andersen, Optimarin EVP Sales and Marketing, and Bart Bakker, Sandfirden Managing Director, put pen to paper at Europort 2019

The company, a respected Netherlands-based supplier of maritime equipment and services, will now help Optimarin both build on its market share and ensure that those that purchasing and using our simple, proven and reliable technology get the optimal service and support they need.

Focused on excellence

Sandfirden knows the regional industry inside out – boasting fantastic relationships with all the major yards and throughout the shipowning community – and we know BWT better than anyone (after more than 25 years of exclusive focus on the segment).

By establishing these partnerships we allow each party to play to their strengths and deliver exceptional products and services, every time. We are choosing to not dilute our expertise or focus, but rather to concentrate on our technology and allowing those that know the local markets to serve them best.

Collaborating for success

We firmly believe in collaboration – with our valued customers as well as our partners – to realise market potential, meet demand and exceed expectation.

We’re delighted to welcome Sandfirden on board and look forward to continue providing outstanding systems, service and satisfaction to everyone in the Benelux region.

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