With the USCG’s latest ballast water management system type approval there are now 20 compliant solutions to select from. But, when it came to sourcing BWT technology for Coast Guard ships themselves, which one made the grade?

Optimarin’s USCG Type Approval mirrors its determination to be the market’s most trusted BWTS partner.

USCG ballast water regulations are the world’s most stringent.

If you have a system that meets their requirements you effectively have one capable of meeting any requirements, anywhere.

Congratulations, you have a global ticket to trade.

The right choice
Not so long ago that meant your choice was narrowed down to just a handful of competing technologies, as only a few systems could meet the Coast Guard’s rigorous CMFDA testing requirements (basically requiring the elimination of all stowaway ballast water organisms). But no more.

Today there are 20 systems that have received full approval from USCG, somewhat complicating the decision making process. So how do you find the one that’s right for you? Which can you trust to perform?

OPTIMARIN was the first company to receive full Coast Guard approval for its BWT system in December 2016.

Well, which ones are on the latest USCG ships? That should be a fairly good indication of quality.

Pioneering success
Optimarin and USCG go ‘way back’.
We were the first company to receive full Coast Guard approval for the OBS (Optimarin Ballast System) in December 2016. At the time of application John Mauger, Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Center (MSC), described the move as “a milestone” in the fight to protect marine biodiversity in US waters.

Since then we have consolidated our position as a ‘USCG system of choice’, recently gaining approval for reduced holding time (now just 24 hours for all salinities). But the biggest endorsement came in the form of an order.

Beyond compliance

When USCG needed BWT systems for their latest newbuilds last year, a fleet of next generation Offshore Patrol Cutters, it was Optimarin technology that was selected by the shipyard – Eastern Shipbuilding – and approved by USCG. Votes of confidence do not come any stronger than that.´

The reasons for that choice, and the choice our other customers make, goes beyond simple compliance. There are 19 other manufacturers that can offer that.

Optimarin systems are chosen time and time again because of our unparalleled track record of reliable operations, dedicated expertise and outstanding customer focused service, solutions and understanding. We have been focused exclusively on BWT for the past 25 years and pride ourselves on providing not only the best, most proven technology, but also the best people – committed to helping you find the optimal BWT solutions for your fleet.

USCG understands that and is happy to have Optimarin systems onboard for its new vessels. And if OBS is good enough for the toughest regulatory body in the world, then it’s good enough for anyone.

Optimarin is proud to be a leading BWT system for USCG compliance.  And don’t forget, because Optimarin’s technology is truly tried and tested even existing systems (installed before USCG approval) can be upgraded to achieve full USCG compliance with a simple software modification. It’s a process that, when an engineer is onboard, takes just a matter of minutes.
Take it easy, we’ve got compliance covered!