You’ve got our sympathy. It’s not an easy situation for you…

You have to comply with IMO, USCG and other relevant regional restrictions on ballast water. You have vessels with limited space and crews that already have enough to do in their daily duties. Margins are thin, costs must be controlled and procurement decisions you don’t ‘need’ to make, well, you’re not in a hurry to make them.

Against this background, in a commercial environment defined by uncertainty and cut throat competition, you have to think about ballast water treatment systems. And believe us, you do have to think about them, the date for compliance is looming (very) large.

Fear of the unknown

So you start thinking, but then the problems are multiplied.

How do you know if a system is reliable for the long-term? What are the maintenance needs? Can your crew operate it? Can it be retrofitted without serious issues? What about financing? Guarantees? Delivery? Will your supplier give you the expertise and support you need? Who shall I choose, and how???

It’s a tricky challenge. But take it easy.

Easy does it

Optimarin is 100% focused on BWT, has been ever since its foundation in 1994 and is committed… no, absolutely dedicated to making BWT as easy as it can possibly be for owners and operators.

We pride ourselves on being the easy choice in this difficult situation. How? Let’s explain.

Our systems are:

Easy to install: with a unique modular nature that allows them to squeeze into any busy vessel, no matter what the space restrictions are.

Easy to operate: time and time again, this is what we hear from the shipowners that run our 500+ installed systems. Crews love Optimarin because the technology is straightforward and effective, with no need for chemicals, additives, lengthy training and, quite simply, no hassle.

Easy to rely on: we’ve had the same technology in our systems for the last decade. Why? Because it does the job, perfectly. We don’t have to release new editions or replace outdated units because all our systems are fit for purpose, for the long-term. Just ask any of our customers – they know who they can rely on.

Easy to maintain: there are no moving parts, just quality components that can be easily serviced on agreed schedules without disruption to operations.

Easy to trust: we’re so confident in our market proven technology that in 2017 we became the first BWT manufacturer to introduce a five-year parts and servicing guarantee for fleet agreements. You can trust Optimarin.


Easy to finance: our relationship with Export Credit Norway means you can get the finance you need at rates that are, frankly, unbeatable in today’s market. There is no more cost efficient way to purchase your BWT systems.

Easy to comply: Optimarin has led the way on both the development of BWT systems and compliance with the world’s strictest regulations. We were the very first manufacturer to receive full USCG approval, in December 2016, adding to our IMO approval and certification from a who’s who of class societies.  No matter where your vessels trade, they will always do so compliantly with Optimarin.

Easy to retrofit: together with our global engineering partners we have now retrofitted over 250 systems, giving us an intimate knowledge of customer requirements, as well as understanding of how to perform difficult projects with the minimum of time, stress and disruption to vessel operations. We are the world fleet’s reliable retrofit partner.

Easy to talk to: we’re a people business. We live and breathe BWT (it’s all we’ve ever done) and love to talk to customers to answer questions, give advice and share our decades of expertise. When you choose Optimarin you choose a dedicated team focused on providing the best service to our valued customers. This isn’t just a job for us, it’s a way of life.

We could go on… but we want to make this easy to read too!

There’s no question shipping is a challenging industry, with huge demands on owners and operators. We’re here to take one very important issue off your mind.

BWT – Take it easy, with Optimarin.