WHY has 2018 has been our best year ever?

We have delivered more of our simple, proven and reliable systems, to more shipowners, than at any other point in our 24-year history…

And it won’t stop there.


The order book for 2019 is four times the size it was at this point last year and, with demand increasing all the time, will grow more. The reason for that is both regulatory, with stringent IMO and USCG standards that MUST be met, and personal, with owners increasingly waking up to the immense threat posed to marine ecosystems by untreated ballast.

But the reason we’re being called upon to satisfy that demand requires further explanation.

There are now 13 suppliers with USCG approval, not to mention many more capable of meeting IMO standards.

Let’s be honest, owners have plentiful options… So, why do they choose us?


BWT is all we do. It’s all we’ve ever done.

We were the first company to install a commercial system back in 2000 and the first to achieve full USCG approval two years ago.

We have dedicated our professional lives to understanding the needs of both shipowners and regulators, tailoring solutions that ensure compliant sailing for every one of our customers, regardless of vessel type, operational needs or engineering challenges.

We know what you need and we know we can help. Optimarin has the answer.

Track record

Our simple, reliable, low maintenance, powerful yet environmentally friendly UV-based system is market proven. At the time of writing there are over 500 OBS operating worldwide, with many more scheduled for installation.

And you know what, we have not changed our core technology for almost a decade.

Why? Because it works.

So, when you buy an Optimarin solution you are buying a system you can trust – one that we know inside out. You are buying something for the long-term, not a unit that will be rendered obsolete by a new edition, or one that will become impossible to source parts for… or one that will need replaced due to operational issues.

OBS is all you will ever need for complete, reliable BWT compliance. And that represents real long-term value.

Peace of mind

In 2017 Optimarin became the first BWT supplier to introduce a full five-year, worldwide parts and service guarantee for fleet agreements.

We did this because, as detailed above, we have the faith in our system to do so, but also due to the fact that – in a segment often defined by immature technology – we wanted to provide owners with something they need, something they can’t get elsewhere.

Complete peace of mind.

When you choose Optimarin you are choosing a trusted supplier, with trusted technology and a trusted record of installation, on both retrofits and newbuilds.

You can therefore trust us to put our money where our mouth is – backing up our systems with a promise of total satisfaction, performance and compliance.

…Helping you to rest easy that you’ve made the right BWT choice.


Thank you

So, at the end of the day the big question might not be why, but why not? Why would you choose anything else?

Anyway, now that 2018 is drawing to a close we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us enjoy such a memorable year – we hope you’ve had one too!

See you for more BWT insight in the New Year. Cheers!