There’s no endorsement like a repeat purchase. In a sector with a growing array of technology looking to catch customers’ eyes it’s especially pleasing to see shipowners coming back to reorder our OBS units, time and time again. As demonstrated by our latest contract from HöeghAutoliners.

HöeghAutoliners, a leading RoRo owner and operator, began buying our simple, effective and easy to install UV-based systems two years ago. A series of individual orders saw them build up to five installed units across their advanced fleet.

Then, just a couple of weeks ago, they ordered another 10.

Acquiring understanding


It’s simple…. because now they know they work.

Höegh was doing what many of the larger owners do – they were dipping their toes into the market to get a feel for the best solution for their fleet. By buying individual units they could put the technology to the test; installing and running the systems day-to-day to ensure they were robust, reliable and easy to operate and maintain.

Once satisfied with long-term performance and overall value they took their toes out and jumped in – moving up from single system orders to multiple agreements.

Endorsing excellence

They don’t just have to take our word for it anymore, they know first hand that OBS excels, as Jan Rune Mørken, Head of Projects and Newbuilding, Höegh Autoliners, noted:

“We know Optimarin systems and their ability to perform. (We are) a responsible shipowner with a commitment to deliver high quality service for our customers around the world. It’s therefore essential we team up with suppliers that share our vision and dedication, allowing us to sail safely, compliantly and with the minimal of environmental impact on all our routes.”

… a peace of mind we pride ourselves on delivering.

Listen to the market

So, if you’re assessing ballast water treatment systems for your vessels, maybe you should listen to the people that buy and operate them rather than those trying to sell them.

Speak to owners about practical everyday operating experience, about installation, maintenance, compliance, service, and supplier expertise. See who’d they choose and use their insights to help inform what can be a difficult decision making process.

If you speak to any of our customers we’re confident you’ll receive excellent feedback.

That’s what makes Optimarin the shipowners’ choice for BWT.