Do It Yourself BWT installation:

Every shipowner wants to minimize downtime and maximize earnings. So what if it was feasible to fit your own BWT systems while in operation, without the need for dry-docking? Is that possible? Seatruck was DIYing to find out…

Seatruck is a roll-on roll-off (RoRo) cargo specialist, servicing three routes linking Ireland and the North of England. Its business relies on quality service, reliability, fast turnarounds and, with over 60 weekly departures for its fleet of ten advanced ferries, continual operations.

Leading the way

Cutting BWTS costs through Do It Yourself

The firm’s regular sailing schedule, between set ports, prompted Seatruck management to ask Optimarin if we thought they could install five of our market proven systems themselves – with local contractors ‘hopping on and off’ to carry out whatever engineering work the crew couldn’t manage.

‘Sure’ we responded. With our simple to install units and over the phone support, why not?

It’d be a first, but then there’s a first time for everything…

Keep on (Sea)trucking

“As a short sea operator we had the goal of carrying out all the work while the ships were in service, with no downtime, thus keeping costs as low as possible,” says Seatruck Fleet Director Ben Coppack.

“With the Optimarin systems and service – quickly responding to any queries or issues we encountered – this wasn’t a problem.

“Our own crews actually performed the vast majority of work themselves using Optimarin’s manuals. They were really proud of the excellent work they did, and rightly so.”

Beat the bottlenecks

Seatruck’s novel approach won’t be applicable for all, but for operators sailing set routes, with the right vessels, it’s an excellent option to consider.

The ratification of the IMO Ballast Water Management convention, and the strict regulations imposed by the US Coast Guard, means there will be a huge rush for compliant sailing… inevitably causing real bottlenecks at yards, and impacting upon installation pricing.

Seatruck’s crew performed the vast majority of work themselves using Optimarin’s manuals

But what if you could sidestep all that and Do It Yourself?

Wouldn’t that be an easy path to compliance, peace of mind and, for your crew, a huge sense of achievement?

On hand to help

Get in touch and see if you too can DIY your way to BWT success.

We’re here to help ensure everything goes to plan!