Optimarin expertise secures huge Ardmore order


Optimarin has secured one of its biggest orders to date with the news that the ballast water treatment (BWT) specialist has been selected to supply 36 systems to Ardmore Shipping. The units will be fitted across 18 advanced chemical and product tankers, with delivery due to commence in February next year.

Ardmore, an established leader in its niche, will fit two Ex approved units in each vessel. The Irish-headquartered firm was attracted by Optimarin’s simple, reliable and easy to install technology, alongside its lengthy track record of segment expertise.

This helped reassure a shipowner that, until now, has not enjoyed a positive BWT experience.

“We have ten vessels with alternative systems that were installed at newbuild shipyards and have encountered a series of operational problems,” states Gerry Docherty, Director, Fleet Management, Ardmore. “These issues, which we believe are commonplace within the industry, impact heavily on system reliability.

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