In the world of options, creating the best client experience is key to becoming the preferred choice.

If in doubt, just ask Japan’s world-leading shipping company, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines.

When launching its new “Stress-Free Services” last year,  the company set out to make its business dealings as easy and convenient as possible.

MOL President and CEO, Junichiro Ikeda, said: “Looking ahead, I believe that we can further demonstrate the superior quality of our services and make the MOL Group the first choice of customers in all of our markets and businesses.”

Like MOL, OEMs and suppliers are seeking to be the Customer’s Preferred Choice. But how does one make it happen?

– becoming the preferred choice

  1. CREDIBLE – guide your partners to success

Fundamentally, all B2B businesses want their clients to perform well.

When the leading global ship management services provider Anglo-Eastern Ship Management (read story here) chose our BWT system to be at the heart of two pioneering ballast water treatment training facilities in Manila and Mumbai, we were first choice.

Behind all BWTS decisions is one important question: “Is this system the best technology in the marketplace?”

A preferred choice is about credibility

The last five years have brought massive change to the shipping industry’s customer-business relationship. Today, customers have more options than ever, more information and more competition. They have a lot of power, and as a result, they’re demanding an entirely new level of service. But most of all, they want to be successful. And that means making the right equipment decision.

First choice companies are credible. They are trusted sources or guides who can help you learn more about the expertise you don’t have, help you grow your business and more.

  1. COMPLETE – an all-inclusive solution

Though an all-in-one BWT system combines world-class technology with a proven track record of experience, there is more. What is more? Well more is everything around the system like understanding global ballast rules and regulations (USCG for example), skilled in-house engineers and global support, an understanding of water sediment, organisms and salinity…the list goes on.

All-inclusive is all about more

The new Anglo-Eastern Ship Management centres will be essential resources for training crews in the wake of the ratification of the IMO’s Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention.  Not only will they feature fully functional Optimarin Ballast Systems (OBS), with a special pump house, piping, and UV filters, but will offer highly practical and classroom-based learning environments.

Beyond the equipment demand, an all-inclusive solution is about a specialist ballast water company with the depth of experience you expect from a quality BWTS manufacturer.

  1. Compliant – no respect without it

We don’t say we will be ballast compliant. We are compliant. Globally compliant.  Our simple, environmentally friendly technology delivers unbeatable compliance, including full USCG approval, alongside simple installation and proven, reliable performance. As such it makes the perfect platform for teaching essential BWT skills to the next generation of seafarers.

When training seafarers for tomorrow today, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management chose a compliant-proven BWT system. The decision for all our clients is simple: the suitability of a system is proven by its qualification. The system has to be qualifiable.

A preferred choice is compliant

BWT-compliant equipment protects a shipowners’ reputation and tremendous vessel assets. Further, should you not comply, you may deal with fines and lawsuits from your customers and other organisations.  With a compliant BWTS you’re protecting your business, your employees, your clients, and your brand.


  1. Capital – financial wellness

Look before you leap…will the company last? This is a major question to ask yourself when looking at your choice of a BWTS supplier.  From deep sea to industrial shipping, from offshore to a shore-based training center, clients depend on financial strength and stability to help them achieve their goals.

Optimarin sold more than 60 OBS last year and has already sold more than 50 systems in the first half of 2018. Recent agreements span a diverse array of shipping segments and owners, with orders from respected companies such as Besiktas Shipping, Eureka Shipping, Solvang, Koyo Kaiun and Ahrenkiel.

First choice is financially sound

The company is solid, with positive equity of approximately 50%. Backed by a stable group of investors, and focused on exploiting the huge BWTS growth potential, 2018 will be the ‘best ever year in business’.


  1. Cooperation – in it together

At OPTIMARIN, being the preferred choice is based on a long-term perspective and cooperation aimed to  strengthen each other. Partners must therefore be carefully selected.

The preferred choice is about communication

The choice is not just price-based, but depends on the whole picture of a company: their skills, know-how, environmental responsibility, … Finally, the choice is based on “the best mix of price, delivery reliability, quality and cooperation level”.  Especially the last ingredient makes the difference between supplier and partner.