OPTIMARIN test engineers conduct efficiency testing and analysis of a modular BWTS according to the standards as adopted by the International Maritime Organization and the USCG.

Enter the cellar of our Stavanger headquarters and you’ll instantly be transported out to sea. Here, on-site, is a permanent operational BWT system, complete with three different UV chambers, three different power supplies and three huge water tanks.


Our on-site R&D facilities take system testing to another level. Able to test all types of water sediment, organisms and salinity, and the performance of system components, gives huge insights.  Through the full collection of information gathering, diagnostic and test data, the highest level of BWTS performance is achieved. 

Hands on expertise

OPTIMARIN’s  testing facility is more than just fine-tuning in-house understanding. It also allows service engineers to hone their skills on simulated problems and scenarios, while giving clients a ‘full picture’ of system capability. Additionally, our on-site classroom lectures provide ship personnel with a comprehensive understanding and overview of the BWT system and total performance.

Quality is key

The requirements of shipowners, the International Maritime Organization and the USCG are highly demanding. The quality assurance of a BWTS is essential.  Through our cutting edge test facility, we help shipowners become IMO and USCG compliant, while protecting sensitive marine eco-systems.