The shipyard on the Croatian island of Losinj and the Norwegian company Optimarin, specialised in developoing systems for environmentally friendly purification of ballast water, on Monday signed an agreement whereby the dock on Losinj has become Optimarin’s base for the part of the Adriatic region.

The contract was signed at a ceremony in the seaport of Rijeka by the executives of the two companies, Anton Saganic, who is the managing director of the “Losinjska Plovidba – Brodogradiliste” company, and Tore Andersen, who represented the Norwegian company.

The dock in Losinj will install Optimarin ballast water treatment (BWT) systems into vessels that are being overhauled in the Croatian shipyard that emplys 100 workers and hires up to 50 sub-contractors.

Optimarin is focused on “continuous improvement and supplying of environmentally friendly BWT solutions for the shipping industry, “the Norwegian company writes on its web site “Optimarin has sold more than 500 of its market proven Optimarin Ballast System (OBS) and delivered more than 400,” it says.