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Ballast Water Treatment

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Ballast Water Treatment System

50 - 3000M³H CAPACITY
Environmental treatment without chemicals

Optimarin Ballast Water Treatment System combines simplicity with innovation. We utilize a combination of automatic back flushing, self-cleaning filters and powerful UV irradiation to neutralize all potentially invasive species in the water.

With a modular nature, the system is flexible and easy to install on any vessel (newbuild and retrofit). Even those with the most restrictive space demands. Our solution does not use nor generate chemicals in its process. Most importantly: It is simple to operate and maintain.

Optimarin advantages

Did you know?

  • The startup time is only 90 seconds?
  • One click start/stop?
  • There is no flow reduction in USCG mode?


Optimarin riding the wave of BWT retrofit demand surge

Optimarin riding the wave of BWT retrofit demand surge

November 17, 2021

The market is heating up for ballast water treatment (BWT) systems amid a retrofit rush that has resulted in a recent surge of orders for leading supplier Optimarin – and it says fast-track delivery is vital to meet soaring demand. Shipowners are continuously upgrading their vessels with BWT systems ahead of a 2024 deadline for … Read More

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Counting the cost of BWT inaction by shipowners

Counting the cost of BWT inaction by shipowners

September 17, 2021

Shipowners that are dragging their heels in installing ballast water treatment (BWT) systems in an effort to save money could end up paying a much higher price in the long run, according to Newport Shipping’s managing director Lianghui Xia. Only 20,483 ships have so far installed or have on order BWT systems that are required … Read More

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‘Reliability is key’ for ballast water system compliance

‘Reliability is key’ for ballast water system compliance

September 15, 2021

The reliability and efficiency of ballast water treatment (BWT) systems will be critical to achieving regulatory compliance for shipowners in future – and any malfunctions could seriously hit commercial operations. “Any shipowner knows that time is money and downtime in port or drydock due to unnecessary repairs to a BWT system disrupts voyage schedules and … Read More

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The Magazine With Insight : BUSINESSFOCUS

The Magazine With Insight : BUSINESSFOCUS

September 1, 2021

Norwegian Ballast Water Treatment System manufacturer OPTIMARIN remains at the forefront with its latest product launch. The First Digital System The innovative approach that has been a distinct feature of the company from the very beginning, has remained a core driver until the present day; in June this year, Optimarin water management system – OptiLink … Read More

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Optimarin expands BWTS service offering for smart maintenance

Optimarin expands BWTS service offering for smart maintenance

June 22, 2021

PRESS RELEASE Optimarin is taking maintenance of ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) to the next level with the launch of a new-generation service frame agreement integrating the benefits of its new OptiLinkTM digital solution to minimise operational costs and ensure regulatory compliance for shipowners. OptiLinkTM allows the market-leading BWTS supplier to upgrade its service offering … Read More

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First ever company to install a commercial ballast water treatment system



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