Optimarin offers state of the art Ballast Water Treatment System – compliant with both IMO and USCG regulations.

24 years of experience using filter and UV to treat ballast water in a way that is friendly for the environment.

Simple, effective, reliable

Optimarin ballast water treatment system combines simplicity with innovation. We utilize a combination of automatic back flushing, self-cleaning filters and powerful UV irradiation to neutralize all potentially invasive species in the water.

With a modular nature, the system is flexible and easy to install on any vessel (newbuild and retrofit). Even those with the most restrictive space demands. Our solution does not use nor generate chemicals in its process. Most importantly: It is simple to operate and maintain.

Whatever your vessel, whatever your operations, whatever your individual requirements – Optimarin has the experience and technology your business demands.

Dedicated to Ballast Water Treatment, dedicated to you

No one knows ballast water like Optimarin. We were the first ever company to install a commercial ballast water treatment system, in 2000 on-board the Princess Regal, and have been refining our technology ever since.
We are committed to supplying systems that protect both the environment and the commercial interests of our customers. We know this industry and we understand your needs.


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3 Jul 2019

Optimarin sees revenues double in first six months of 2019 as markets, segments and after sales accelerate

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Optimarin sees revenues double in first six months of 2019 as markets, segments and after sales accelerate

Optimarin sees revenues double in first six months of 2019 as markets, segments and after sales accelerate Ballast water treatment (BWT) specialist Optimarin reports positive developments in the market today, with the first six months of 2019 showing a year-on-year doubling of revenues, orders and a substantial increase in EBITDA. In addition, the Norwegian-headquartered globally […]

28 Jun 2019

ShipInsight intverviews Tore Andersen

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ShipInsight intverviews Tore Andersen

Many companies are cutting it fine to install their ballast water management systems, Optimarin EVP Sales & Marketing Tore Andersen told ShipInsight during Nor-Shipping. Interview with Optimarin from ShipInsight on Vimeo.

24 Jun 2019

Position available: Salgssjef Service

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Position available: Salgssjef Service

Arbeidsoppgaver Din hovedoppgave vil være å ta godt vare på kunden etter at systemet er satt i drift. Dette innebærer blant annet å analysere den enkeltes kundes behov, og basert på dette selge inn servicetilbud inkludert trening og andre tilleggstjenester. Slik bygger vi tillit og får tilfredse kunder som også kjøper nye anlegg fra Optimarin. […]


Words from our customers

  • Saga Shipholding

    “Optimarin’s flexible and modular construction means efficient use of space and power, and easy integration with ship systems. This gave us the confidence we needed, and we have chosen Optimarin for each and every ship.”

    Eivind Holte, Senior Technical Manager

    - Saga Shipholding
  • Vard Brevik

    “Our experience is that Optimarin Ballast System is well engineered product of good quality. It is simple and relatively compact. The system was ordered and delivered as loose components what makes the installation easier, in particular on smaller vessels where limited free space is available.”

    Lech Wykretowicz, Discipline Coordinator –  Machinery & Piping

    - Vard Brevik