Buques y equipos de la Marina Civil – Optimarin / Marsys (ES)

Article from the Spanish magazine B&E (ES) BUQUES Y EQUIPOS DE LA MARINA CIVIL – Optimarin and Marsys

Press release – 28.05.2018 : Optimarin says BWT market is accelerating as system orders and revenues rocket

Ballast water treatment specialist Optimarin says that a recent surge in new business orders and revenues is indicative of positive developments within the BWT market. The Norwegian headquartered firm, which has now sold close to 600 of its USCG-approved Optimarin Ballast Systems (OBS), has shattered its initial growth forecasts for the year to date, with […]

Finansavisen : Styrer mot milliardsalg (Norwegian only)

Finansavisen : Styrer mot milliardsalg (Norwegian only)

Optimarin i Finansavisen. Gründerbedriften Optimarin har endelig fått vind i seilene. Sjefen sikter seg inn mot milliardomsetning i løpet av få år. Sandnes-selskapet Optimarin var det første i verden som fikk godkjent et system for resing av ballastvann ombord i skip som seiler i amerikanske farvann. Les mer i vedlegget.  

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